Mar 24, 2016

Sweating Fashionably With Sogz

Sogz Gym Towels

I spend most of my time in my active wear.  That 'active wear, active wear' song could very well have been written about me except that I do have a legitimate training excuse to be in it training nearly every day - it's just that I also have shopping, errands, school runs, coffee dates etc etc before training and ain't nobody got the time or energy to constantly change outfits everyday ;)

Wearing training gear nearly every day, I tend to get a little bit over excited about new active wear, equipment and accessories.  When I was contacted by Annie from Sogz to see if I'd like to try out one of their microfibre gym towels, I was pretty excited to give the old towels a rest and get to add a new much more fashionable towel into the mix. Especially when you understand that my 'old towels' collection included two of the kids baby towels - not quite the hippest thing to be laying out in front of your training squad ;)

Sogz Gym Towels

When it arrived, I was delighted to find out that it came with a cute little carry bag and it folds up so small and neatly that you wouldn't even know it was in my training bag. Goodbye days of lugging around a heavy, bulky towel, hello fashionable practicality.

Sogz Gym Towels
Sogz towels are made from microfiber material so they are quick dry and highly absorbent, plus they are machine washable and weigh just 100g (machine washable is an absolute must in our household).

As far as online shopping ease goes, all Sogz towels ship free within Australia and worldwide which is something that I definitely love when buying online.

I like my Sogz so much that I'm going to be trying it out after showering, if it is absorbent enough - I've just found myself a new beach towel too ;) You can order your very own at here.

Thanks Sogz!


  1. I'd never heard of Sogz but the brand looks great. BTW I've just written this - style tips for the gym. Hope you like it :O)

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