Feb 28, 2016

iBarre Online Barre Classes

Today I've got something for all you mamas out there who love to dance around their kitchens and living rooms.  You might have been a dancer in your younger years, or perhaps you just love to dance and you've always dreamed of taking some classes but you haven't been able to find the time.   Or maybe you are daunted by the thought of turning up to a dance class with younger, more experienced ladies. Well I'm excited to share that now it's possible and practical for you to take those classes in the privacy of your own home.  Let me introduce you to Alexander Cerantonio, the Director of iBarre which is a fabulous new way to experience the joy of dance and get fit in your own living room.

When we think about ballet, it is often for our kids.  Enrolling them in a dance class at a young age can get them moving, improve their co-coordination or simply let them live out their dreams of becoming a ballerina. For mums, the notion of ballet is saved for our children, or  might just be a memory of our own childhood.

In recent years we have seen a rise in studios that offer Barre Classes, a fusion of ballet, pilates and yoga. The classes allow you to work on strength, stamina and co-coordination and can help you to develop a lean, strong physique.

Barre Classes target specific muscle groups using small isometric contractions that can improve your strength and help develop long, lean muscles.  Barre classes also aid neural muscle recruitment, helping improve your mind-body connection by controlling the already existing nerve endings. It improves muscular activation which will also strengthen the neuromuscular pathways in your brain helping you feel more connected to your own body.

Barre classes are fantastic but we know that it's not practical for everyone to attend classes, especially when they have young children at home, so we created iBarre which makes Barre accessible to everyone through online classes that you can attend by simply connecting up your webcam.

iBarre classes are centred around the Ballet technique, which is one of style, grace and absolute strength.  These classes will help tone and elongate your muscles while allowing you to have fun and get a good work out without having to book a babysitter.

So, for the ladies who have been reminiscing of their ballet days, or for the mums who need a work out plan for home, iBarre is just for you! Jump online and join the movement, you’ll be feeling stronger within a few weeks.

Thank you Alexander, iBarre definitely sounds like a fantastic innovation and a whole lot of fun! 


  1. I love iBarre. Gives me the opportunity to be active but I don't have to leave home.

    1. Yes, definitely! Perfect for those of us with kids or busy schedules :)

  2. These are wonderful tips. I wish I had something like this to read
    when I was a beginner. The leotard photos are just lovely!

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  3. Good to know about the Barre classes.Its great for all the home makers like me.I am considering to join it in order to feel inner pleasure.


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