Feb 5, 2016

Coffee, Joy and Mindfulness

Before I get started, I'm super excited to announce the winner of the Leonisa giveaway, congratulations Matilda Iglesias, you've got yourself a $75 gift voucher! 

As I've already mentioned a few times, my new years resolution is to be more mindful.  Last year felt like a whirlwind while I got used to being a school mum and all the new routines that come with that.  I got swept up in the busyness and I felt like I was chasing my tail most of the time.  So as 2016 rolled around, I knew that I wanted to find a way to be more mindful and intentional with my time.  I wanted to find a way to feel calm in the midst of tight schedules, and I wanted to find ways to centre myself and to look after me so that I didn't feel like I was just surviving the day.

Today's post was made possible thanks to  Di Bella Coffee, coffee that is blended, roasted and distributed fresh daily from a roasting warehouse in Brisbane.

Whilst on this journey to mindfulness, the thing that I am currently working on is seeking out and  allowing myself moments during the day where I stop and take care of me.  It is about recognising when I need a quick break, taking it and doing something that makes me happy, something that helps me recharge and having a little moment that I can just rest and be grateful for.

It is so important that we take these moments for ourselves.  I have been out of the habit and caught up being busy for so long that it was hard to imagine what I would do to help bring myself back and re-focus, but after thinking about it for a little while I realised that there are a few moments during my day that are incredibly important to me and if I allow myself to stop and take the time to enjoy those moments and be present in them, it helps me continue on through the day more mindfully.

It can be really helpful to understand what those moments are for you, what helps you re-energise?  For me it's little things like a nice relaxed morning coffee that I can relax and enjoy before the rush of the day..  I look forward to it from the moment that my eyes open - the smell, the flavour and let's be real, the caffeine.   Another is unscheduled cuddle time with my kids.   I love to pull up some cushions, get comfy, read them a story or just laze around and shower them with love and affection (the cuddles do me the world of good too).  I also have a few other things that I now recognise to be little joy moments, moments that I can relax for a few minutes, stop, reflect and be grateful for so I try to make sure I include them all in my day when possible.

It's so important for busy mamas to have a few of those moments throughout the day, so have a little think about what those mindful joy moments look like for you.  I might be stopping for an energising hot cup of coffee or a relaxing cup of herbal tea or it might be putting the kids in the pram and walking around the block in the fresh air.  Figure out what your moments are and make an effort to not only take them, but to be mindful and present in the moment while enjoying them.  Good luck mamas!


  1. Thanks for the prize, I'm excited.

    Also can you believe that I also picked the word "mindful", what are the chances!
    Check out (if you haven't already done so) Rachel Kable (she's aussie), she has a website, and a fab podcast too (that is only 10-15mins long). I've really been enjoying it.

    1. Thanks Matilda! I will do so, sounds like something I'd love!!! :)


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