Dec 21, 2015

Wanderlust: Why we love to travel

Wanderlust and travel
It’s Summer, school is out and holidays are about to begin. I love summer holidays not only because of the sunshine, warm weather and beach days but because it’s the time of year that we get to spend some quality time together as a family, and a little added bonus is that the quality time sometimes involves a nice holiday somewhere.

I find getting away on holidays to be so good for the soul. As mothers, we don’t really ever get a day off, we have a 24/7 job and while we are at home, there is always something on the to-do list so it’s hard to switch off. Getting away on holidays allows you to forget the to-do list, to really relax and to unwind. It’s the best stress relief and you can come back feeling revitalized with new energy for whatever your responsibilities are – your career or caring for your home and family.

I often hear people say that they need a holiday to recover from their holiday, and we’ve made this mistake ourselves in the past but here are 3 quick tips that can help you avoid this:

1. Throw out the schedule

Don’t overschedule your holiday. It can be easy to fall into the trap of wanting to do/see everything but try and remember that your main priority is to relax and unwind. It’s okay to have a list of things you would like to do, but try and keep it as a general list – don’t schedule specific activities, let your spontaneity guide you and if you don’t feel like doing something on your list, then don’t.

wanderlust and travel

2. Eat out

I like to make sure we don’t spend all of our money on the accommodation/trip itself and that we save some money for eating out so I can have a little break from the meal prep/cooking. Letting someone else do the cooking (and cleaning up) makes a huge difference and is a real treat for me.

wanderlust and travel

3. Don’t overpack

Having to drag extra bags/luggage everywhere you go become tiresome and stressful. Keep it simple – no matter how well we think we have packed, we always find that we use less than what we take, especially during summer when we mostly live in our swimwear.

If you have young children and the thought of hours of travel is daunting, just remember that a holiday doesn’t have to be far from home. I have friends that go and stay in a caravan park in our own local area and I think it’s a great idea for families that need to be close to home but would still like a little break from the norm.

I hope that you are getting a little break over summer, and if not these holidays, why not treat yourself to a vacation sometime in the near future? It’s a wonderful reward for all your day to day hard work and it’s amazing how having something to look forward to makes the hard work just that little bit easier. There are adventures out there just waiting to be had, and new parts of the world to explore so make it one of your New Year’s goals – I know I will be.

wanderlust travel

Today’s post was written by Aanika and sponsored by Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific. Wyndham’s WorldMark South Pacific Club gives you the opportunity to use holiday credits which will force you to go on holidays, year after year. Whether it a long breaks or short weekends away, you can choose from 26 resorts and hotels throughout Australia, New Zealand & Fiji.


  1. Good tips, thanks for sharing. And I adore the picture of the Kangaroo at the beach. Not something we would see here in the USA, lol. Sharks and Crocodiles maybe. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    1. Thank you Aileen :) Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. These are great tips! I confess I'm an overscheduler. I'm already looking forward to our summer vacation that we're planning... I'm going to try not to schedule a thing (except a couple of babysitting nights so my husband and I can have a date night or two!). Thanks for sharing at the #ManicMondays blog hop!


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