Nov 5, 2015

Household Planner

Download your own 13 page household/family planner that will help you stay organised at home, an exclusive freebie for all members!

We all dream of having more time for the good things in life, for the things we want to do, rather than have to do. Quality time to spend with our family, time for exercise, time for relaxation and recreation.

Sometimes the best way to make more time for the things we love, is by getting the tasks we don't love finished quicker and more efficiently. One of the most important steps to becoming more efficient is to become more organised, in your home life, work life and family life. I have found keeping a household planner to be a very useful tool to help me stay organised.  It allows me to keep everything in one place, my meal plans, my to-do lists, important account numbers, phone numbers and birthdays.  I keep school notes and documents I need on a regular basis so they are easy to access.  It saves me time as I don't have to rummage through piles of paper work and saves me the frustration of losing an important note or bill.

If you want to become more organised and you don't already use a household planner, I suggest giving it a try.  Planners can be highly personal as different families have different needs but my printable household planner can definitely get you started as it includes 13 pages of home organisation (see the full index below).  It's a free download for all The Active Mum members/subscribers - simply check your email for a link to your free printable planner, print it out and place it in a binder or folder and you are one step closer to being more organised at home.  If you're not a current member, simply enter your name and email over on the right hand sidebar to subscribe >>>

If you're not a member you can purchase it here:  Household Planner

TAM  printable planner includes:

  • An 'Important Contacts' list, handy for babysitters and other family members.
  • A 'Tradesman/Handy People' list for keeping all of your home repair contacts in one place.
  • A 'Daily To-Do' List which is an easy to reference guide that allows you to make note and quickly see all of your daily chores and tasks.
  • A 'Weekly Planner' at a glance, so you can easily view your weekly schedule and regular commitments.
  • A 'Regular Expenses' list to keep track of your regular bills & payments, when they are due and how you pay them.
  • A 'Monthly Meal Planner' broken down into one page per week. Plan your meals for the month, list the ingredients and even plan your baking.
  • A 'Birthday Calendar' so you can keep track of all those important birthdays.
  • A list for all of your important account and policy numbers. Never search through old documents again, this list keeps all of those tricky-to-remember numbers in one place.

I hope you find this planner a useful time-saving tool.  Every bit of time we can save allows us to spend more time doing those things we love.

Have a great day..

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  1. Even I am in search of a great house planner and I think your website has got some very good suggestions. Wonderful blog no doubt


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