Nov 19, 2015

Fun DIY Gardening Projects Suitable For Kids

Now that the nice spring weather is upon us, getting outdoors and doing some gardening can be the perfect way for you and your children to enjoy the sunshine. Children adore outdoor activities and most children will be thrilled to be allowed to help with a gardening project. Here are three little DIY garden projects that even the youngest toddlers can get involved with.

1. Birdhouses

Birdhouses are fun to make and will encourage some little feathered friends into your garden which will allow your children to observe the life and habits of the birds. Your children can help paint and decorate the birdhouses then they can be hung over fences or in trees. Here are some super cute DIY birdhouse ideas.

2. Painting Stones

Rock and stone paintings are a wonderful way to add some colour and atmosphere to your garden. You simply need suitable brushes and the right type of paints (remember, water-based paints may wash away in the rain, but other paints will stain clothing so make sure the children wear smocks). If you have a vegetable garden, a very cute idea is to paint pictures of fresh fruit and veggies like strawberries, carrots, or cucumbers.

3. Make Eco Friendly Planters

Another great little project is creating little planters from empty containers. You will need to search for tin cans or for baby food jars, as they make perfect planters and small tins and jars can be the perfect size for growing herbs. By planting seeds or seedlings, it becomes a great educational experience for children too and helping water and care for the plants is a wonderful way to teach responsibility.

These are just a few ideas to keep the kids away from the Ipad, computer or TV and to get them outside, involved in the gardening and closer to nature. If you’re after some more ideas check out these DIY gardening projects.

Do you have your own garden projects suitable for young children? Pop on over to our facebook group to share them.

The article is written by Kathleen Crane who runs a team of gardeners in Brixton.

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