Oct 22, 2015

Gosford Waterfront

I really love this time of year.  The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer.  It's not always easy getting outside in the evenings with the whole dinner-bath-bedtime rush, but sometimes it's worth absolutely worth it to just forget the routine for a night and get out and enjoy being outdoors at this lovely time of day.

On Sunday evening, we decided to head down to Gosford Waterfront for a walk to let the kids ride their scooters and have a play in the park.  It was really lovely quality family time and the waterfront was absolutely beautiful.  There are some new developments planned for the waterfront, I hope it only enhances the atmosphere down there and doesn't ruin it.

This very practical scarf is courtesy of Summerskin. Not only is it a scarf but I've heard that it is possible to use it for a beach wrap or even a great breastfeeding cover.  Summerskin has a range of stylish clothes with built-in sun protection, clothes with SPF are a perfect choice for the environment here in Australia.

We had such a lovely evening, it was the perfect temperature outside and the kids had a great time riding along on their scooters then playing in the park.  They were even treated to getting a little closer than usual to a pelican and some baby ducklings...


  1. Looks like a lovely evening spent leisurely.. the pictures are such high definition and entertaining. I being a mother genuinely believe that a day out is very necessary to stay active and fresh.

  2. Such a treat to eyes to see such beautiful pictures in high definition and quality. Looks the time spent well. I wonder, if you would like to tell what sort and type of camera you used?


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