Sep 14, 2015

Hello Spring

Well it's been a little while between posts, I've been hibernating most of winter, training hard and working hard on a project for you lovelies which I'm excited to share very soon.

Spring has sprung here and we have had our first warm weekend so I was determined to spend most of it outdoors. Hubby had a plans yesterday so the munchkins and I decided we wanted to go exploring and try out a new beach seeing as there are so many beautiful ones here on the Central Coast. We found a real beauty and except just a few other people we had the beach to ourselves.

After a little swim (the water was still too cold for me but the munchkins much, much braver than I, both monkeys spent the whole afternoon building 'pirate ships' and (pretend) 'campfires' out of sticks and driftwood. The light was absolutely perfect and I can say it was absolutely blissful. I feel so incredibly blessed that we live in and get to experience such incredible beauty..

Central Coast Beaches

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  1. Isn't the sun just amazing. I didn't realise how much I missed it until we actually had it. I'm so glad that winter is over. Yay.
    And can I just say I love have unique driftwood is. I found a bit of driftwood the other day that looked like a peg.


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