Mar 17, 2015

5 (unexpected) Beauty Must-Haves

5 Beauty Must-Haves
Hey guys! Earlier in the week I posted some practical beauty tips to remind you busy mamas of some easy ways that you can look after not only your appearance, but your wellbeing too.  Today I thought I'd share some of my very favourite beauty products with you but keep reading because they might not be what you expect ;)

As you know I love to use natural products where possible, although I find it's not always practical or easy to find natural replacements for everything in my bathroom cupboards.  I know beauty products are highly personal and different things suit different people/skin types, but this is a fun little list of outside-the-square products that I just love:

1.  Coconut Oil

This is my absolute fave and I love to use it as an intensive moisturiser ideally once per week to stop my skin from getting too dry (especially if I've been doing a lot of surfing).  I also rub a little on my hands nearly daily (whenever I cook with it) and it has been amazing at helping prevent the dermatitis that I used to suffer with on my hands.  As a body moisturiser it works wonderfully but can be a little messy (especially in summer when the oil is naturally liquid) so it probably isn't practical for every day use.   For every day use I simply try to use a regular store-bought natural or lower-chemical creme body moisturiser. I know some people prefer the practicality and convenience of products like spray moisturiser and moisturisers that contain sunscreens but I am a little wary of the chemicals.

2.  Baby Wipes

Okay most mums may already know this one, but baby wipes are seriously worth their weight in gold.  When I am too tired to wash my face I have used them as a make up remover.  I have a pack in my athletics bag for those desperate times that I feel too sweaty or yuck after training - I just give myself a quick wipe over and it's instant freshness.  Well nearly - it keeps me going until I can grab a shower anyway.  I also have a pack in my handbag and it's come in handy for countless things such as cleaning the kids hands/faces, cleaning up their spills (especially in public places), cleaning the dashboard, interior and leather of my car, and most recently, cleaning red wine off my creme lounge.  Yep, you read that right.

Red Wine 0 vs Baby Wipes 1

I can't believe it worked either, but after some red wine was spilt on our lounge, my darling dad suggested that I grab a baby wipe and try it before using anything else and it absolutely worked like a charm.  Put a pack in your handbag right now.  #you'rewelcome ;)

3.  Baby Powder

This beaut little product is amazing for getting sand off the kids and yourself at the beach.  No matter how long we stand under the beach fresh-water showers after playing in the sand, the kids always manage to still have sand stuck somewhere.  I give them a quick spray with the baby powder and the sand just brushes off.  Baby powder can also be a great way to soak up the oil in your hair for those days-that-you-probably-should-have-washed-your-hair-but-didn't.  Just flip you're head over and apply a very small amounts to the roots.  Oil/greasy hair gone.  Now I will just say that I am a blonde, and I don't know how effective this trick would be for people with very dark hair as you may be able to see a powder residue, but if you want to give it a try and let me know, go for it!

4.  Leave-in Conditioner Spray

I love throwing some of this in our beach bag or swimming bag.  If you apply it prior to swimming it will protect your hair and after swimming it works as a great detangler.  I also use it to help get knots out of my daughters hair.

5.  Witch-Hazel Toner

This can be a good skin toner for after cleansing (depending on your skin type), but I like to put some on a make up remover pad or tissue and use it to give my skin a quick cleanse for those times that I don't have time to wash my face properly.  It's obviously not as good as a proper cleanser so I wouldn't make a regular habit out of it but it's great for occasional use as it does leave your skin feeling fresher and cleaner.

So there you have 5 of my favourite (unexpected) beauty must-haves.  I'd love to hear if you have any out-of-the-box products that you find great for beauty or otherwise! Tell me in the comments below..