Feb 11, 2015

Currently: Country Champs and Big School

We've had a busy few weeks getting into the new routine of 'big school'. My little guy absolutely loves it and was a total champion about starting. Everyone kept asking me if I was going to be okay about him starting, but he was so excited and ready that I couldn't help but be anything other than excited for him too.

I have to admit, I was really nervous about the new routine, but I have found that old principle does apply - you get the most done when you have the least time to do it in.  I feel more organised than ever and I'm managing my time much better than I usually do! It seems crazy, but I'm so glad it has worked out that way! Oh, and so far I have stuck to my goal about not sending sandwiches to school (if you missed the post, I recently shared some great healthy, sandwich-free lunch ideas from around the web).

On top our new school routine, I have increased my training in preparation for some upcoming competitions. I recently competed at NSW Country Championships and won two gold medals in the 200m and the High Jump, and two silver medals in the Long Jump and Triple Jump for my age group!! I couldn't believe it! I am enjoying being back on the track so much, and to be able to be competitive again.. well I just never expected that! I am so incredibly thankful!  Here are some pics from the 200m:

Hope you're all settled back into your own routines again, I can't believe Summer is nearly over, it feels like it has been the quickest summer ever :-(

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!