Jan 5, 2015

Why rabbits make the best pets

rabbits make best pets

I mean, seriously.. how could you not love this little face? Meet Sniffy, our family rabbit. All snuggled up like this, I'm quite sure he thinks he is a baby. This lucky little guy got himself a new deluxe penthouse suite for an early Christmas present, and my munchkins were excited to get on the tools and help me put it together. I was actually pretty impressed with how well Alleah used a screwdriver for the very first time. I get the feeling this girl will be totally capable in the DIY department!

I had never even considered adopting a rabbit as a pet until Mr 5 found one in our front yard one day. We adopted him and cared for him, and fell just a little bit in love with him, until his owners came door knocking (as we'd left our information with a local vet). The kids were so upset that he had to go home that we decided it might be time to adopt one of our own, and that's how Sniffy, Mr Sniffles or Sniffle Bunny (as he gets called) became the newest member of our family.

Until owning a rabbit. I never realised how fantastic (and practical) they are for a pet. We weren't ready to commit to all the walking, yard adjustments and cleaning up dog poo that is involved with owning a dog, so we have found that a rabbit is the perfect choice. Thanks to PetCircle, I'm going to tell you why rabbits make such fantastic first pets:

1. They easily house-train

Rabbits are very easy to house train. In fact, a lot of the time they will train themselves. We just place a cat litter box with some straw in a corner for Sniffy, and he uses it to do his business. Very little mess, no fuss.

2. They are affectionate

Our little guy comes and gives us licks, kisses and love nibbles whenever he wants a pat. He will sit or lay with us for as long as we will pat him. If we happen to fall asleep in our lounge room, where he likes to hang out, we are often awakened by kisses from a rabbit.

3. They like their own space

During the day when we are busy going about our business, they tend to hibernate. Generally speaking they become most active in the morning and evenings, preferring to rest during the day.
This is perfect for a busy family and gives us the space we need to do our thing during the day without feeling like we are neglecting him.

4. You don't have to walk them

This is perfect for the busy family. We don't really have time to add dog-walking into our routine at the moment, so having a rabbit is perfect. As long as they have a large enough run/cage, or they can come inside and roam freely around a room, they will be getting enough exercise. Our little guy lives in a hutch outside during the day, but comes inside after the kids go to bed for the evening. He used to live inside all day but he did like to chew on the kids books and toys that they'd leave on the floor, so now he only hangs out in our lounge room which is rabbit-proof.

5. No poo clean up

I think this one is self-explanatory. I'll just say that a litter box is very easy to empty and I'd much rather clean that than the bigger animal alternative! ;)

6. Holiday friendly

We like to travel when possible, and boarding animals can become expensive. One of our reasons for buying Sniffy such a nice big hutch was that we can happily leave him at home, knowing that he will get enough exercise inside his hutch, and our family/neighbours can check on him and feed him easily for us when we are away.

7. Cuteness

Rabbits have to be right up there on the cuteness scale. How can you not love them?

If you are looking for a great family pet that low-maintenance, then definitely consider a furry little rabbit friend. We love our one!