Jan 12, 2015

The secret to living an active lifestyle

We had a wonderful family holiday last week up on the NSW north coast (photo diary attached). While we were there I was watching Olly spending increasing amounts of time on his new Stand Up Paddleboard, which was turning out to be great not only for his strength, fitness and back pain, but also for his mood.  It got me thinking about exercise and physical activity and why it can be difficult for some people to maintain physical activity in their lifestyle.  One of the biggest reasons is probably that they aren't enjoying it.

Take Olly for instance, up until very recently he was a stay up late-sleep in late kind of guy.  No matter how hard I tried to encourage him to come to bed early and rise early so that he'd have more time to do things, it just wasn't his thing.  But that all changed after he bought his SUP.  Since buying a  SUP he has been up early and out on his SUP before the rest of us have even hopped out of bed. A SUP is definitely a whole lot of hard work, but he loves it, he is completely motivated and can't get enough.

The secret to living a physically active lifestyle isn't complicated.  It is simply, find something that you love and do more of it.  It doesn't matter whether that something is stand up paddleboarding, surfing, snowboarding, running, netball, swimming, yoga, or *insert any sport of your choice here*. If you love it, make time to do more of it.  Arrange your lifestyle around it.  That is the secret to staying active and living a life that you love.

We all know that the benefits of exercise are numerous, but exercise doesn't have to be for the young, (if you don't believe me just watch this), for the fit (everyone has to start somewhere), or for people that have the time (reality check here) . You just need to stop making excuses and start looking for ways to make it work.  I am allowed to say that because I spent quite a few years making excuses myself.

Exercise should be fun.  It doesn't have to be boring, repetitive or lengthy sessions (just google HIIT).  It can and should be something that you love doing.  If you don't love it, try something else until you find something you love.  Just take a look at those people in the Jack Lalanne video above, you can see that they love what they are doing, and that is why they are still doing, and are still able to do their chosen activities at the fabulous ages they are.

Find something you love.  Do more of it.

That is the secret.

If you want to be more active but are feeling overwhelmed or time-poor, then get ready for an exciting new series starting next week where we will talk to an inspirational mama every Monday to find out how she manages to find the time to fit exercise into a busy family schedule!  See you back here then :)

(a few pics from our summer holiday below)..

active lifestyle
Olly and I
Surf date with Olly but surf and weather were not cooperating
a little slice of paradise
the boy loves his SUP
I am looking forward to when these gorgeous kiddos can come surfing with us