Jan 18, 2015

Guilt-free snacking with Harvest Box

Harvest Box

With school starting back soon, I have been trying to think of nutritious snacks that I can include in our lunch boxes, or in my handbag for after-school snacks, so when Harvest Box asked if I was interested in giving their delicious snacks a try, I was very keen.  The Harvest Box sounded promising... healthy, natural and quick to throw into a bag when we are in a rush (which, with young children, can be quite often).

I usually make my own trail mix to take with us on a daily basis as I find trail mix to be the perfect energy boost I need to satisfy and sustain me between meals, but Harvest Box have delicious combinations that I had never even thought of putting together.  Some of the mixes even contain a tiny bit of chocolate for an extra special treat.  I think my favourite would have to be Go Bananas, and judging by how quickly the kiddos gobbled up the Go Bananas snack pack, I think it's safe to say it is their favourite too.

These delicious snacks are available as a weekly subscription, delivered straight to your door or desk on the day of your choice (and they deliver to every postcode in Australia).  You can also find the Snack Packs in Coles nationally where you can choose from 8 healthy combinations of dried fruit, nuts, seeds and treats.

The snack packs are just the right size to give fill the tummy and give you some energy between meals, so will help reduce the likelihood that you will be reaching for those unhealthy, sugar-filled alternatives.

Harvest Box is an excellent alternative for busy people that are mindful of what they eat, would like healthy alternatives, yet don't have the time to prepare their own food.  It is quick and convenient and totally healthy.

If you'd like to try these delicious snacks for yourself, Harvest Box have been kind enough to offer TAM fans their first box for free, just click here.