Dec 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We certainly did.  Things kicked off around dinner time on Christmas Eve when we heard sirens and loud music which meant that Firetruck Santa was in the neighbourhood.

Christmas Eve is the probably the only night of the year that I don't mind the kids running around the whole neighbourhood (barefoot and in their pyjamas) with me tagging along behind as they tried to catch a glimpse of Firetruck Santa as he and his helpers while they drove around.  Okay, so I may not have been 'tagging' behind.  I may have been running and jumping around with them, just as excited as they were.  We finally caught Santa and he was kind enough to throw the kids some lollies which made their night.  I absolutely LOVE Firetruck Santa and it's right up there as one of my favourite things about Christmas.  

We had our regular family get togethers which were lovely.  It's always wonderful to see everyone.  I am especially enjoying watching our kids play with their cousins as they all get older.  It brings back memories of special times I had with my own cousins when I was a child.

Presents-wise,  Hunter got himself a brand new bike, for Alleah it was all about 'Frozen' this year, Olly scored a brand new SUP and I picked out a few new charms for my Pandora bracelet.

Over the last few days,  I have been doing a bit of a spring clean and organise of the house, and I spoke to the kids about children in need that didn't have a lot of toys or presents at Christmas time.  Hunter in particular did a fantastic job of picking out toys he didn't play with anymore that we could donate to charity.  He filled up a whole box, I was so proud of his generosity.

I really hope you all had a fantastic Christmas this year and are enjoying this holiday period..

Aanika x