Dec 3, 2014

5 Tips For A Cleaner Bathroom

bathroom cleaning tips
Summer has arrived and I know that we have been experiencing some gorgeous weather here in our part of the world.  If you are like me, then during summer you want to maximise the amount of time your family gets to enjoy the outdoors, the sunshine and the nice weather.  However, spending time outdoors can make it difficult to get the household chores done, and with two young children, I have found that our bathroom is one of the hardest rooms in the house to keep clean.

In the spirit of summer (and clean bathrooms),  I decided to share a few of my favourite bathroom hacks for keeping the bathroom reasonable in-between the weekly clean:

1. The bath time 'wipe down'

Bath time is the perfect time to give your bathroom a quick wipe down.   If your children are old enough to sit safely by themselves in the bath, then while you are supervising them during bath time, you can quickly wipe over the entire bathroom, removing dust and grime.  You don't need to pull out the chemicals, a quick wipe over with soap and water will make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your bathroom.

2.  Prevention is the best medicine

Any parent knows that toilet training can be incredibly stressful (here are my best tips for toilet training).  My children are now both toilet trained, but now that they are independent enough to use the bathroom by themselves, keeping the toilet clean has become incredibly difficult! (I'm sure there are a quite a few mothers out there that know exactly what I mean..)

A great way to keep a toilet cleaner for longer is to use specially designed toilet products that will clean a toilet and aid in unblocking the toilet for you, keeping it cleaner for longer without you having to lift a finger. 

3.  A place for everything

Simplify your bathroom cupboard.  Even the most organised home-makers tend to accumulate bathroom items.  Regularly go through your bathroom cupboards and throw out old products that you don't use.  More space inside your bathroom drawers or cupboards means less clutter on your bathroom sinks or benches.  Keeping your bathroom clutter free and putting things away can make a huge difference in the time it takes to clean a bathroom.

4.  Disguise your cleaning products

No-one likes the look of bathroom cleaning products hanging around their bathroom, but keeping them too far away from the bathroom can make it difficult to quickly clean when you need to.  Keeping some rolled face washers or small towels in a pretty basket somewhere in your bathroom can create a lovely feel for your bathroom.  Instead of using them for your face, they can be used to quickly wipe over surfaces when you need to.

Make your own non-chemical shower cleaning products and store them in nice clear plastic bottles or spray bottles that you can keep up on a high shelf in your shower (clearly labelled and out of the reach of children of course). Just make sure that everyone that uses your shower knows that they are there so they aren't confused for the body wash.  Having your natural shower cleaner handy in the shower means you can give it a quick wipe over right before (or after) you have finished your shower on a much more regular basis.

5.  Flushable Toilet Wipes

These have to be my new favourite product.  Harpic recently sent me some of their flushable toilet wipes to try and I love being able to kill germs and wipe away the small accidental spills that occasionally happen when children use the bathrooms.  Keeping some of these in your bathroom cupboard can save a huge amount of time running around looking for a bucket and/or your bathroom cleaners. 

I hope you find these tips helpful! If you have any of your own time-saving bathroom tips, I'd love you to add them in the comments below..