Nov 2, 2014

Sleep, Reflux and a Nestle Giveaway

Baby sleep routines
Motherhood is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. Those first few years of your child's life are incredibly special. They are filled with first smiles, first giggles, first steps, cuddles and sloppy kisses. However, as your child learns, so too do you . First time parents must learn about feeding a new baby, learning to swaddle, learning about sleep routines and settling and how to introduce solid foods to your baby for the first time. As parents we are continually learning and just when you think you have got the hang of things, your baby will change things up once again.

All of these new experiences can be quite daunting for a first time parent. I know that I spent countless hours searching for advice about my daughters severe reflux and the sleep issues that were associated with it. My poor princess would regurgitate her milk up to five or six times after a feed and she ended up on reflux medication until her first birthday. Although I wasn't a first-time mother, it was a very stressful time for my husband and I as we were juggling a toddler and a newborn with chronic reflux. And of course, along with reflux comes disturbed sleep patterns and my darling girl was no exception to this rule. Little Miss suffered with disturbed sleep for so long that it eventually developed into bad long-term patterns that resulted in years or broken sleep for my husband and I.

During this stressful time, websites and blogs became a sanity-saving tool for me. Being able to read stories and get advice from other mothers and experts gave me the encouragement and tips I needed to help ease some of my girl's discomfort and help improve the quality of sleep my family was having.

There are many useful websites available these days, but with health information and guidelines for babies and children constantly changing, just make sure you are getting your advice from a reliable source. If you are looking for a great online resource then check out the Nestle Baby website. I have recently come across Nestle Baby and it is a wonderful resource for a vast array of parenting topics. It includes everything from the cause of reflux in babies to baby sleep routines and so much more.

Nestle Baby dedicated to bringing you reliable and well researched information written by experts, and just to keep things easy for us busy mamas, they also have downloadable brochures that you can print off and keep handy for quick reference later on. Staying informed is vitally important because an informed parent who feels confident in their parenting approach is more likely to set reasonable and consistent boundaries. In turn, consistent boundaries allow a child to feel safe and secure and encourages healthy development.

Not only do Nestle have a great website, but the generous folks over there are offering three lucky readers a Nestle prize package containing one of their Cerelac Infant Cereals and their Nan 3 Pro Toddler (packs valued at approximately $24 each).

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