Nov 9, 2014

More pancakes and why I love almond meal

almond meal nutrientsToday, being a lazy Saturday morning after a very busy Friday, we took things slow.  Slow involves the kids waking up and getting a little extra TV time in the morning as a special treat.   Slow means I got to laze in bed drinking my coffee and watching a little Game Of Thrones.  Slow involves leaving the housework for just another hour or two and staying in our pyjamas longer than usual.  Slow involves having time to make pancakes with maple syrup (and a dollop of ice cream for the kids just because).

If you have followed along for a little while now, you may have guessed that we are pretty big pancake fans over here.  Quite a while ago I shared my homemade pancake recipe and not so long ago my paleo pancake recipe.  Well I'm still forever tweaking these recipes as I try and cut down the kids overall grain intake and one of my favourite ways to reduce regular flour in my baking is to replace some of it with almond meal.

Almond meal is a fantastic way of adding a few extra nutrients into your baked goods as it is just ground almonds and therefore contains all the same nutrients as the very healthy nuts.  Almond meal cannot be used as a direct replacement for all of the flour in your recipes, but you can usually replace some of the flour with some almond meal for an added nutrient boost without it affecting your end result.

Today's pancake recipe tweak involved making my homemade pancake recipe (using a gluten free plain flour) and just replacing half a cup of the gluten free plain flour with half a cup of almond meal.  They turned out great - the kids enjoyed the pancakes just the same and there was absolutely no difference in taste.

Here are just a few of the nutritional benefits of using almond meal in your baking..

Almonds are:

.  a good source of protein
.  an excellent source of Vitamin E which is an
   antioxidant and supports immune function
.  contain heart healthy monounsaturated fats
.  contain calcium and magnesium
.  a good source of B vitamins folate and niacin
.  contain phosphorus, potassium and zinc
.  a good source of iron

I really encourage you to give it a go.  Almond meal is more expensive than regular flour, but because you aren't using large amounts at a time, you can make it last.

Happy baking!