Nov 5, 2014

Fun Ways to Keep Fit Without The Gym

You may have seen an earlier post about Booya Fitness, the boutique workouts you can do yourself at home, but recently I have been considering what other fun workouts there are out there for busy mamas. As a mum, you have a juggle what feels like a million tasks a day, from simple things such as feeds and changes, to more complex issues like how to fit everyone’s busy schedules in around each other. Of course, not all of us can afford to splash out on an expensive monthly gym membership, let alone find the time to go as often as we probably should, so here are just a few more ideas for fun ways to keep active without breaking the bank that can easily fit in with your day to day routine.

Fun Runs

Fun runs are becoming increasingly popular these days, simply because they are becoming increasingly fun! If you are up for a bit of adventure you could try a mud-run or obstacle course challenge, or if mud isn't your style, the Color Run promises to be one of the happiest and most colourful 5K runs around. This 5K will cost you to enter, but the training you will do in preparation will not. This event is best attended with friends or family and is even suitable for young children or those with disabilities as it is not a timed race, instead it’s a place to have fun and get colourful. These runs are held once a year (plenty of time for you to get in some training), and are held at various locations all over the world – Sydney included!

The idea of running a 5K fun run might sound like the impossible even if it is in the name of fun, especially if you’re new to the idea of exercise. The Couch to 5K Challenge is a fantastic way of easing yourself into exercise and can be made into a fun competition between you and your other mama friends. If you fancy training for The Color Run, why not use the couch to 5K challenge as your starting point?

Roller Sports

Ever considered surfing, skateboarding, scooting or rollerblading? Probably not. These sports are no longer just for kids and are a fantastic way of burning calories and toning up those legs. Don’t be afraid to try these for yourself, they’re not as scary as you might think, but it’s important to make sure you’ve got the right equipment to save your knees and head from getting hurt. Companies such as Skate Hut are great for this as they supply everything from t-shirts and jeans to skateboards, long boards and all the protection you’ll need to keep you safe.

Extreme Sports

These days there are more and more girls, women and mamas giving sports like surfing, paddle boarding and snowboarding a go.  These sports can be a little more difficult to learn, but with a good instructor you should be able to pick them up quite quickly and they are definitely worth the initial hard work.  Catching your very first wave is amazing and it is a feeling you will never forget.  Not only are these sports a whole lot of fun, but they are an amazing workout too so don't be afraid to give them a go!

Of course, as much fun as exercise can be, the right diet is essential too, no matter whether you’re simply wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle or you’re trying to get fit and lose weight. There are plenty of delicious Paleo recipes here on the blog and if you need a little further food-spiration, there are some amazing blogs out there, dedicated to bringing you fantastic recipes and healthy eating plans.