Nov 20, 2014

Best Books of 2014

book review
I have a confession to make.  When it comes to books, I have a serious commitment problem.  I love reading and I love books.  Whenever I start a new book, I get caught up in the excitement and can't get enough of it.  I find it hard to put down and I sneak chances to read whenever I can.  Then I hear about another good book and I have to start that book too.  I vow to go back and finish the first book, but as you've probably guessed I don't, so I have many 'nearly' finished books sitting on the bookshelf. 

Even though I rarely finish my books completely, it doesn't mean they aren't worth reading.   I have read some amazing books this year so in collaboration with Bookworld, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite books of 2014 with you.  It's probably important to note that not all of these books were published in 2014 - I just happened to read them this year.

Best Book 'Health & Wellness':

Best Health and Wellness Book

'Hard To Swallow' by Julie Van Eps is an extremely interesting read and convinced me to alter my diet and the result has been absolutely lifechanging.  I particularly like this book because Julie is a mother so she spoke to me at my level, yet she concisely explains the science behinds a lot of the food changes she is recommending.

Recommended for:  Anyone that is interested in health or wellness; Anyone suffering from illness/allergies/asthma or health problems.

Best Book 'Spirituality':

best spirituality book

'One Thousand Gifts' by Ann Voskamp is about finding joy in the midst of deadlines, debt, drama, and daily duties and is a practical guide to living a life full of joy.  Ann Voskamp  discovered that by giving thanks for the life she already had, she found the life she’d always wanted.  This book is written from a Christian perspective and the concepts behind it are faith-based.  If you are intending on buying it, I should also probably warn you that you will very likely need some tissues handy for the first chapter.

Recommended for:  Women and mothers open to Christian faith principles and looking for ways to be content and find joy in their 'everyday'.

Best Book 'Parenting':

best parenting book

'Raising Boys' by Steve Biddulph is an oldie but a goodie.  I began reading it a few years ago when my son reached the toddler stage and I am reading it again now that he is about to start school and has reached a new stage of development.  It gives wonderful insights into the way boy's brains work and why they behave differently to little girls.

Recommended for:  Any parents with boys of any ages.

Best Book 'Recipes':

I Quit Sugar For Life by Sarah Wilson

'I Quit Sugar' For Life by Sarah Wilson is not only a wonderful recipe book full of delicious and healthy food, but it is full of nutritional information that will help you make better informed choices about the food you eat.  I found the recipes to practical and delicious which is important for any busy mum.  Sarah also includes a section for  kids Snacks and lunches which has some excellent ideas that will entice your little ones to eat those vegetables you want them to.

Recommended for:  Everyone that is interested in eating nutritious food, health and wellness.

Best Book 'Travel' (or 'Design'):

Best Design book

'Gypsy' by Sibella Court really could have come equal first in the 'design' category as the photos are focused on different colours and interiors around the world.  But the photography is breathtaking, feeding my wanderlust and speaking to that world-travelling girl that I was once was, so this one goes into the 'travel' category for me.

Recommended for:  Anyone interested in design, photography and travel.

Best Book 'Design':

Creative Family Home by Ashlyn Gibson

'Creative Family Home' by Ashlyn Gibson is a wonderful compendium of family-functional yet stylish interiors.  The homes in this book are imagination havens for children that are just beckoning creativity to flourish.  It makes me want to run out and totally make over my whole home using some of the awesome ideas it displays. 

Recommended for:  Parents/designers interested in creating a beautiful yet functional family home.

So there you have my very favourite books for 2014.  What has been on your reading list this year?  I'd love to hear any recommendations you have, I'm always looking for one (or three) good books to start!  I know the very top of my wish list for next year are the following two books that have come highly recommended:

Wish List:

Family Food by Pete Evans

'Family Food' by Pete Evans.  As you know, I started eating a Paleo-style diet this year so I am always on the lookout for good Paleo recipes.  I follow Pete's facebook page and he shares some amazing content.  He is passionate and genuine in his efforts to encourage the world to eat for optimum health and wellbeing, so I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of his recipe book.

one step ahead by MIchael Grose

I have heard that 'One Step Ahead' by Micheal Grose is a fantastic parenting book full of practical and logical tips for raising children.  It covers topics from bed-wetting to tantrums, and swearing to fussy-eaters.  I like to read as much as possible when it comes to parenting so a book that comes so highly recommended is always on top of my wish list.