Jun 21, 2014

Schedule Printable

weekly schedule chart
If you have young children, then you are probably familiar with this line of questioning "What are we doing today Mum? What are we doing tomorrow? What about the next day, and the day after that?".  We have this conversation nearly every day at our house, so I decided to create a very simple, child-friendly chart that helps my young children understand our weekly schedule.  The chart uses images instead of words, perfect for children who aren't reading yet.

My kids love our chart so much that I've created a blank template of the chart so that you can add  your own pictures to suit your weekly schedule.  You can download the Weekly Schedule Template here.  It is an image file, so the easiest way to personalise it would be to download clipart to match your weekly activities, then open your template in a good picture editor like Picmonkey and insert your clipart images wherever you need them.

I found it a huge relief to be able to remind the kids to go and check the chart whenever the same line of questions started again.  You can also use it as a good tool to start teaching the names and order of the days of the week.

If you find it useful then I'd love you to share it on Pinterest (pin-it button below).

Aanie x