Jun 25, 2014

Run 2 Cure

On Sunday I had the pleasure of participating in the Neuroblastoma Australia Run 2 Cure.  I was a member of Evie's Army, who collectively managed to raise a whopping $20,000.  What an outstanding effort!  I was so proud to be a part of this team of wonderful people, and so proud to be able to make a difference and support this wonderful cause.  I want to personally thank any of you who donated or supported, your donation really did make a difference.

Our team's little hero Evie wasn't able to be there as she was in hospital having some treatment on the day.  She is doing really well, but still has a few months of treatment ahead so your continual prayers are greatly appreciated.  The whole team is looking forward to next year when Evie will get to walk in the 1km Little Heroes walk along with her family who walked this year.

Evie's Army 5k
5km team and some of the gorgeous little super hero walkers
 Running in this fun run was quite important for me, not only because I was able to support a wonderful cause, but also because this was the first official (running) race that I have participated in a very long time, roughly a decade.  I always try to stay active and run whenever I can, but with young children I have found it difficult to train regularly enough to prepare for a race.  Racing was a huge part of my life for around 15 years so the opportunity to compete in something again was very exciting.  I love having a goal to work towards, or a new PB to aim for.  Competing drives me and has always been my best motivation.

 In order to make sure I was prepared I had to do some goal setting and decide what I needed to do for my race preparation. I knew I could only commit to training once per week (on the treadmill), so I was super excited to run a huge PB on the day, shaving 3 minutes off my best training time, and coming 11th out of 467 female competitors.  It has left me hungry for more so I am looking forward to participating in another fun run/race again soon, and I am definitely looking forward to being a member of Evie's Army again at the Run 2 Cure next year.  Neuroblastoma Australia are still accepting donations this week, so if you didn't get a chance to donate but would like to, you can donate here.

Evie's Army
Evie's Army
If you are running regularly, I really recommend entering a fun run as it is such fantastic motivation.  If you would like to start jogging or running then check out my series on running tips for beginners.

Aanie x