Jun 29, 2014

Monthly Meal Planner

Meal Planner
If you a ever feeling rushed or finding it difficult to find the time to plan nutritious meals for your family, then I highly recommend using a monthly meal planner.  I have tried weekly meal planning apps on my phone in the past, but was never completely happy with them, so when my sister suggested trying a monthly planner, I decided to create a printable one and give it a go.

The great thing about planning your meals for a whole month is that it saves you time on a daily basis and reduces the chances of finding out (usually at the last minute) that you are missing crucial ingredients.  A meal planner helps you stay organised, save time and simplify life.  At the beginning of the week you can look at your planner to check the complete list of ingredients that you will need for the week and then quickly add them to your shopping list, and you won't have to spend time agonising daily about what to cook, you can simply check your planner and know that you have your ingredients in your fridge or pantry waiting for you. 

My favourite thing about planning for a whole month is that you can list all your recipes on the planner over the month, then you can simply repeat the same plan every month considering there is plenty of variety already there within a month - long term this will drastically reduce the time you spend planning shopping lists and trying to plan meals on a daily basis.  Whenever you want to try a new recipe then you can simply replace one of your planned meals that week, you could possibly even create a seasonal plan to make the most out of the fresh ingredients available during different seasons!

I am ecstatic about the difference this simple tool has made to me.  If you would like your own then you can download the pdf for my monthly meal planner here.  If you find it useful then don't forget to subscribe for more printable goodies coming soon.  In case you missed it, here is last week's printable - a weekly schedule chart that uses images to help young children learn and understand their weekly schedule.  I will hopefully be turning these two printables (and a few more that are coming soon) into an ebook so stay tuned..

Hope you have had a great weekend :)

Aanie x

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