Apr 2, 2014

Me time

Beach weekend

I originally published this post over on my personal blog but then realised I should probably share it over here at The Active Mum too.  For those of you that follow me over there, I apologise for the double up, feel free to pass on by today and we'll see you back here again soon!

We have this little routine going on of a weekend at the moment and I am really loving it. We wake up and have our breakfast, get packed up and head straight to the beach.  If the surf is cooperating, my wonderful hubby plays with the kids on the beach and lets me go for a surf (his way of paying me back for the many hours he spends at soccer).  It took me a long time (4 and a half years to be exact) to be okay with not spending every minute on the beach playing with my munchkins.  I realise that might sound a little strange and for a long time I thought it was some kind of mother's guilt thing I had going on, but I have realised that it's just that I really enjoy spending time with my husband and kids and I simply didn't want to miss out on that time. I have learnt though, that I am a better wife and mother when I do pull myself away, paddle out and have a surf.  My husband calls it 'filling up your love tank' and that is honestly the best possible way to describe it because spending that half hour/hour or more to myself to do something that I love leaves me smiling from ear to ear..

love. tank. full.

Actually, it is more like 'love tank overflowing' and there is plenty of excess love to share around. That 'me' time really makes all the difference to my mood, and believe it or not, my self-esteem.  It allows me to really feel like me again, not just a wife and mama, but Aanika.   And of course,  me time always makes me a better wife and mama. I just wish I had made this 'me time' a priority earlier.

If you love the beach but are finding it tough/tiring with young children then you can check out a post I wrote a while back over at The Active Mum on my top 10 tips for beach visits with young children. Now that our children are a little bit older (2 & 4), we have learned that less really is more.   Just a few toys, sunblock, water, snacks, hats & beach towels are all you need. There is nothing worse than trying to get back to your car with huge overflowing bags and tired children. Simple is good, simple is fun.

So tell me, how do you get your 'me' time?

Aanie xo