Mar 23, 2014

Tips For Staying Trim At The Office

Today's post is brought to you by Amelia Burton.  Amelia is a personal trainer, fitness guru and mother.  I think it is safe to say that she understands the demands of juggling motherhood and a successful career so today she is sharing seven of her favourite ways of staying trim while working in the office..

SumoSalad fitness coach, Amelia Burton,
Reveals 7 easy steps to get trim at the office:

1.  Tag along
No money? Don’t even like coffee? Tag along with your friends for a coffee break anyway. The stroll will give you a kickstart to your day and give you some fresh air and natural light. Oh, and you’ll probably find out some office gossip. Win - win.

2.  Ditch the elevator
Use the stairs instead of the elevator. If your office is on the 20th floor, walk up 3 or 4 and then take the elevator. You use more than 200 muscles to climb a single stair. Just image the calories you will burn if you do this everyday?!

3.  Actively commute
Make getting to your office a challenge. Do you live close enough to ride a bike or walk to work? Both provide aerobic exercise which increases heart rate and burns calories. If you ride the bus to work, try getting off a stop earlier and walking the distance. Drive to work? Choose a parking space that’s further away, and walk the rest of the way.

4.  Put that snack back
Step back and don’t take that snack. We all feel the 3pm snack attack come on, but if you have a substantial lunch, you can get through to dinner with no worries . Try lunches high in protein which are full of salmon, egg and lean beef and add low GI foods to your diet, such as vegetables and legumes that will keep you satisfied throughout the day. SumoSalad offer a range of options to keep you going, try their Chicken, Kale & Lentil salad.

5.  Get some balls
Chairs are out, fitness balls are in. Go against the grain and switch your chair for an exercise ball.
This will work your abs and balance. Oh, and it’s pretty fun too, just don’t fall off.  

6.  Cut the wires
Skip the email and hang up the phone. When you want to talk to someone in the office, make a point to walk up to them. Once a week, schedule one of your meetings over a power walk.  

7.  Go nuts
Join the coconut cult, and swap your soft drinks for coconut water. There are some great brands out there that contain no extra sugar, just 100% coconut water. Create a ‘snack’ drawer at work and fill it with almonds. Almonds deliver nutrients that will give you energy and keep your appetite fulled until your next meal.

Thank you to Amelia and Sumo Salad for bringing us these great tips today.  I have to admit I have been snacking on potato chips just a little too frequently lately.. I think it's time to put them away and reach for the almonds or a delicious salad instead!