Mar 18, 2014

autumn fashion favourites

We are now a few weeks into Autumn over here (although ssshh don't tell the weather as after only one wet and cool week, it has warmed back up and we have sunshine and beach weather again). The cooler weather got me thinking about my wardrobe and what I needed for the cooler months so I thought I'd out a little post together showing you my favourite women's clothing and fashion trends for Autumn. As always, I like outfits that are timeless and feminine, yet still practical. Here are my favourite looks for:

active women's fashion
Casual women's fashion

My biggest problem when it comes to fashion is finding the time to go shopping for myself. As any mama knows, trying on clothes with toddlers is not exactly relaxing, although I have found Miss A is getting very good at helping mama shop and she has started enjoying giving me advice about what looks good ;)

I know one way to get around this issue is to shop online. I have shopped for both children's and women's clothing online online in the past, and I have been mostly happy with the results. If you are going to shop online my advice is choose a locally based and reputable company that offers good sizing guides and a good return policy. Some websites even go one step further offering specific advice about what will suit your individual body shape such as this dress guide at Ezibuy.

Ezibuy Dress guide

I'm always interested to see what styles the experts think will suit me!

So what is your favourite fashion trend for Autumn? And have you got any favourite online shopping sites you can recommend? I'd love to hear what you think!


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