Feb 8, 2014


Valentines Day is just around the corner and I've been thinking of ways Hubby and I can celebrate. One of our favourite things to do is go for a surf together but we rarely get a chance these days. I am thinking of getting one of the grandparents to babysit so Hubs and I can head out to get some waves together, finished by a relaxed cafe breakfast or brunch afterwards. Surf, sunshine and good coffee would probably be an ideal date for us and as we have been pretty slack in celebrating Valentines Day the last few years, it is definitely overdue.

As far as presents go, Hubby actually prefers it if I don't spend money on him, so I might have to bake him something special or give him a good back massage. As for me, a surf and a cafe date with my man will pretty much fill up my love tank these days, but Hubs, if you're reading this and need any other ideas, don't go past these Valentines Day flowers from Fresh Flowers, they even deliver some packages of roses with a bottle of Mo√ęt & Chandon.. let's just say you had me at the champagne ;)

I am also really excited about doing some Valentines Day craft with the munchkins. There are so many great ideas on Pinterest for Valentines crafts. I am thinking of us making and decorating some sweet cards that they can give to our extended family, I love a good excuse to do some new crafts my babies, and it's another great opportunity to teach and talk about giving to others.

What have you got planned for Valentines Day? I hope it's something special..


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