Feb 4, 2014

making a difference

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photo credit: unicef.org.au
I haven't been around the computer a lot lately, we have been enjoying our summer, making the most of some wonderful time at the beach, and just spending some quality time together as a family. As our summer holidays are officially over, I have spent the last week or two getting organised for 2014 which for me, has meant a lot of organising, simplifying and de-cluttering of our house. As our cupboards were full of a lot of baby/toddler furniture, Hubby and I discussed it and decided that although we haven't made any concrete decisions about whether we are planning more children in the future, we know that right at this moment we are content as a family of four and we need the cupboard space, so we decided it was best to give away or sell what we weren't using in order to make way for a more simplified home.

While going through the process of giving away and selling furniture, it really got me thinking once again about how fortunate we are to be able to provide the furniture and equipment that our children need. Having or being able to buy items to provide for our family is a luxury that many parents around the globe do not have. We sold our cot and bassinet and my jogging pram very cheaply, we offered up our other prams for free on the side of the road, and gave away many many bags of clothing and blankets to friends or to charity, yet the whole time I wished I could just somehow put it in a shipping container and send it somewhere in the world to a family that was going without these items, to a family that really 'needed' them. It also got me thinking about how wasteful we are as a society, (myself included). Our society tends to go out and buy the 'newest' and 'the best' of everything, while perfectly good secondhand items are ending up in landfill everywhere.

I always admire how my grandparents who have lived through wars and recessions will use and reuse things over and over. How they will recycle and mend broken items instead of just throwing them away. I greatly admire this and I think our generation could certainly learn a lot from the way their generation lives their lives. I want to learn from them.

I don't want to be wasteful, I want to be respectful - respectful of food, of belongings, of the planet we live on. I want to raise my children to be respectful too.

I know that the shipping container of pre-loved baby goods probably isn't a practical solution, but changing the way I live, well that is. I can definitely make a difference to families in need in other ways and I know our generation has the ability to make a huge difference too, but first we really need to change the way think..

More quality time, less 'stuff'.

More recycling/repurposing, less wastefulness and consumerism.

Live purposefully. Be mindful. Be compassionate.

Let's change our ways and make a difference.

If you would like to make a difference to a child or family in crisis then you can donate to UNICEF today to help children seeking emergency shelter in UNICEF spaces in Syria.


  1. Great post Aanie. I've tried to be really intentional in the past year about not buying new things that aren't necessary. I'm even better at reusing bottles and containers for leftovers or homemade dressings, etc. Also looking to buy secondhand before looking somewhere else. On another note, I'm glad to hear your summer vacation went so well!!

  2. Thank you Andrea! I must admit, I haven't always been at it, but it's something I am really working on!


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