Jan 11, 2014

Stand Up Paddleboard Fun

SUP Stand Up Paddleboard

So let me tell you about the day I tried a Stand Up Paddleboard (aka SUP) and became a rescue hero. 

But first, I'll give you a little bit of background..

This summer my wonderful Hubby decided that he wanted to have a little more of a holiday than we usually do, so we extended our usual trip and made a few more stops which found us road-tripping up and down the northern NSW coast. South West Rocks was one of our stops and the calm, turquoise water is just perfect for young families. It is also perfect for the increasingly popular SUP which seems to be taking off all over Australia wherever there is water. I've often heard people talk about how SUP is an excellent core and stability work out but I've never really had an opportunity to try it. At South West Rocks though, Hubs and I were able to give it a try and we both absolutely loved it. After paddling for a little while, Hubs asked me how I was feeling and whether I was 'feeling the burn', I bragged that I was feeling fine and that I couldn't really feel much of a workout. As soon as I hopped off the board though, I noticed that my legs were shaking from exercising my stability muscles without even realising it, seems I had bragged a little too early!

So onto my fantastic rescue..

There I was, casually paddling around enjoying the scenery and doing my best to not get blown down the beach in the wind, when I noticed an emergency situation unfolding before my eyes...

Hurtling towards me, well out of reach of it's loving owners, was a huge, out of control.. beach ball ;)
It was only moments away from being lost forever so I quickly realised what I needed to do. I sprang to action and paddled towards it. Apparently my novice paddling skills were no match for the wind and giant beach ball, so I missed it on my first attempt. I could see the devastation in the flailing arms of the owners though so I knew I had to try again. Thankfully the wind came to my aid second time around and I managed to swing around and catch it.

There was elation and cheering and I breathed a huge sigh of relief before quickly realising that I was now sitting on a paddle board, with a ginormous beach ball, and a very large paddle. I somehow had to get them both to shore..

I awkwardly managed and the beach ball and it's owners were forever grateful. David Hasselehof eat your heart out ;)

Okay, so maybe it wasn't the dramatic rescue that I'm making it out to be, but it was a bit of fun and excitement for my first time on a paddle board. Hubs and I are pretty sold on the whole paddle board thing and we are considering investing in one for ourselves. It is fantastic exercise and an awesome way to cruise around on the water.

Before leaving you today I just want to share one other really awesome thing we got to see at the beautiful South West Rocks..

Aanie xo