Jan 15, 2014

Massage, Natural Health and Healing with 4uNaturally

4uNaturally Massage Natural Therapy

Today I have the absolute pleasure of introducing you to Natascha from 4uNaturally.  I met Natascha on Instagram where I was impressed by her love of natural healing and her positive attitude towards health and lifestyle.  I'll hand over to Natascha so she can introduce herself and tell you a little bit more about what she does.

Hi everyone!

I'm Natascha Carrel and I live on the magnificent Central Coast of New South Wales but I am originally from Switzerland. My husband is also Swiss and together, we have three wonderful, beautiful children, who make us proud every day.

Despite leading successful lives in Switzerland, in 2011 we decided to change path, live our dream, the one we had been thinking about for more than 10 years and migrated to Australia.  Our hearts were full of hope to start a new life on the other side of the world.  I strongly believe that sometimes you need this little bit of "something special", this little star that makes your eyes shine. We knew what our little star was and we followed it.

Above all, I love family, nature, and the true side of everything.  I love to take care of and respect myself, body and soul, take care of and respect other humans, nature, and the world, finding a balance between the modern world and what nature should be. "Taking advantage of the modern world with a back to basics attitude"...

With 4uNaturally, my aim is to provide the best eco-friendly products and services. Beside my massage therapist qualification and providing remedial and relaxation massages to adults, children and children with special needs, I also hold a pediatric massage consultant (PMC) qualification, allowing me to teach infant massage courses and children massage courses.  I teach classes for parents, grand-parents, caregivers, health professionals - anyone involved in a child's life and development and interested to learn about these techniques.  With my work, I aim to give parents a new tool to positively and actively help their child in a natural way.  It’s a unique and non-invasive way to help children in general and especially children with special needs like ADHD, hyperactivity, autism, depression, sleep disorder, anxiety as it is relaxing, calming, healing and much more. Massage therapy is an awesome way to help a child but massage given by a parent is a gift and a unique bonding reinforcement!

I have been massaging my 2 boys and my daughter since birth and yes, I have a son with special needs.  He is 10 years old and living with ADHD and hyperactivity – challenging – hard – rewarding – true…

I would like to invite you to visit my website for more information on Massage therapy, Infant massage course, Natural ways to help your child with special needs and more.  4uNaturally is also on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you Aanika to offer me the possibility to share my passion with your fans and followers!

xx Natascha


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