Dec 12, 2013

maggie's christmas goodness

Maggie's Christmas

I picked up Maggie's Christmas from Dymocks this week, it is stocked full of delicious Christmas goodness and beautiful photographs. Good photography in a book is always a big selling point for me and this book has a way of making you feel like you are a part of each of the Christmas events Maggie is catering for. There are so many delicious recipes that I don't know which to try first! Here are just a few that I can't wait to try:

As far as out other Christmas preparations go, I have finally finished Christmas shopping (which is a huge relief), decorations are up, Christmas craft projects are finished and presents are wrapped. I wanted to make some stockings this year, but I think we might leave it until next year as this week I am hoping to spend some time baking Christmas treats with the munchkins for gifts for their preschool teachers. I will have to see if Maggie has any munchkin-friendly recipes, otherwise I will probably go with my shortbread cookies. I am still pretty new to the whole teacher gift etiquette thing so I hoped baked goods is an acceptable gift!Hopefully you are all having a relaxed lead up to Christmas, this time of year can get stressful so try and and put up your feet if you get a chance, I know I need to :-)

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