Dec 22, 2013

kids christmas craft

Christmas craft

For our Christmas craft this year we did some potato stamping and made some cardboard lanterns. Now before we go any further, I will just reinforce that being cardboard, these are obviously not safe to use a real lanterns, and we don't have them hanging near the Christmas lights, but they look pretty as decorations and, for little hands, were a lot of fun to make..

Step 1:
I made a potato stamp by cutting a potato in half, then using a cookie cutter and a knife, I cut out some shapes the munchkins picked out.

Step 2:
As my babes are still learning to use scissors. I cut out the rectangles of cardboard for them.

Step 3:
Use potato stamps, paint, glitter and other decorations to stamp/paint the cardboard. I gently folded each piece of cardboard in half and let them dry.

Step 4:
Once paint and decorations are dry, you can fold the cardboard rectangles in half and cut your design into them. This is a great job for older children who are proficient with scissors.

Step 5:
I taped and tied string to both sides of the top of the cardboard.

Optional Step 6:
Tape coloured cellophane inside the lantern for some added colour.
My little ones (Miss 2 in particular) loved this activity and I love that they got to contribute to the decorating this year.

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