Dec 4, 2013

family nutrition

family nutrition

When it comes to our family's nutrition and getting the vitamins and minerals we need, I like to get them from natural sources by eating a healthy, balanced diet. When raising children that are fussy eaters though, I know firsthand that sometimes this can be difficult, and you will possibly need to ensure your children are getting the nutrients they need in other ways.

It is hard to know exactly what we really need nutrient-wise, there is so much contradictory information out there and although I studied nutrition briefly while at university, information is constantly changing and I feel like I have definitely still got a lot to learn. These days it's not as simple as the '5 food groups', and we are not only faced with questions like, 'are you eating the right foods?', but also 'are you eating the healthiest version of those foods?'. Our so-called healthy foods sometimes aren't so healthy when vegetables are grown with the aid of pesticides, meats are tainted with hormones, and many so-called 'healthy' foods are full of additives and preservatives. When all of these things are considered, the task of providing your children with the best nutrition possible becomes quite daunting indeed.

I think the best thing we can do as mothers is educate ourselves, educate our children, provide them with as many healthy options as possible, and get creative with the way we are serving our food. Other little things like involving them in the preparation and cooking can help spark an interest in foods that kids have previously refused to try. If you can buy organic then do so, and remember to always check the labels on your food. When it comes to packaged foods, less ingredients is usually better and steer away from anything with numbers. If we make sure we have as much knowledge as possible then it becomes easier for us to identify any shortcomings nutrient-wise in our family's diets, and if there are short-comings, you can talk to a nutritionist or shop for natural health supplements with Golden Glow or other similar vitamin companies.

I'd love to hear from you about whether you use vitamins and supplements as a regular part of your family's diet. What are your reasons, and has it worked well for you? Feel free to leave a comment here or pop over to the facebook group and join in the conversation there.

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