Dec 21, 2013

camping gifts

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For the last few years, Hubs and I haven't bought each other Christmas presents. We usually save the money and put it towards something else we need. This year we decided to buy ourselves some camping gear. I have these daydreams about packing up the car on a Friday afternoon and escaping somewhere for the weekend. Somewhere where we can forget the housework and just explore, surf, build sandcastles, enjoy the sunshine and spend quality time as a family.

I want to make memories. I want our weekends to be special. I need to feed that travel bug inside me that has laid dormant for quite a few years now.

We didn't try camping when the children were younger as it just didn't seem to make sense. When we thought of packing all the extra things required, (nappies, baby foods etc), and when we thought of the possibilities of our very bad sleeper sleeping even less, it simply just made us put it in the 'too-hard basket'. But now we are ready. Ready to explore. Ready for little adventures.
As we haven't yet camped with children, I'd really love to hear your tips or suggestions about it. This year we are thinking of purchasing a good tent or annexe, the bedding and other basics, and slowly building up our supplies from there. We are also getting the munchkins some of their own camping gear as they really don't need any more toys this year (apart the one or two they have specifically requested from Santa). I love the idea of giving them something that will enable them to have wonderful experiences rather than just plastic items that will be played with for a short while and then soon forgotten.

Have you got any original present ideas for your partner this year? I'd love to hear them..
Aanie xo