Nov 10, 2013

Homemade Pancakes

Pancake recipe

You don't need a packet mix in order to cook the perfect pancake. In fact, in our family it is a crime to do anything other than make them from scratch, generations of women in our family use this homemade pancake recipe and it really is very simple.

Note: You can make a gluten free version of these simply by exchanging the flour for gluten free plain flour - I have found the Orgran GF plain flour works nicely.

1 cup of milk (extra 1/4 cup if needed)
2 eggs
1.5 cups plain flour

1. Add flour, milk and eggs to a large bowl and mix well by hand or mixer until there is minimal lumps.
2. Heat non-stick frypan to medium heat and add a small amount of butter to coat entire pan lightly.
3. Using a ladle, pour one scoop of mixture into pan while holding pan and tilting back and forth to spread mixture to desired pancake shape and thickness.
4. Cook for a few moments until pancake is firm enough on the underside that you can safely flip (you will notice a few bubbles forming on the top side which will suggest it is cooked enough). Use a spatula to flip, cook for another few moments until ready then serve with desired toppings. I suggest either maple syrup, lemon and sugar, or jam.
Step 4 is the hardest and it really is 'practice makes perfect'. Be prepared to burn or break a few when you start out but you will get the hang of it and will be calling yourself Master (pancake) Chef in no time!

If you love pancakes but don't love grains check out my Paleo pancake recipe, or try this awesome gluten-free/paleo hybrid by simply following the above recipe and replacing half a cup of the gluten free plain flour with almond meal for some added nutrients..


Aanie xx

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