Oct 17, 2013

Indoor Active Kids Activities

indoor physical activities for kids

I've had Laryngitis for most of the week so we have been stuck inside quite a bit. Just because I haven't been well doesn't mean my munchkins have had any less energy, so I have I thought I'd share two of my favourite indoor activities for allowing Miss 2 and Mr 4 to burn off some steam indoors.

The first is a dance party. A bit of dance music usually keeps them moving and entertained for quite a while. The second is a bounce-a-thon, in which I take all of our lounge cushions off our lounge and let them bounce from pillow to pillow until they are too tired to bounce anymore. They love this second one as they know they usually aren't allowed to bounce on the lounge cushions, so it's a special treat.

Do you have any ideas for keeping the your children active while stuck indoors? I'd love to hear them! 

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