Oct 15, 2013

global handwashing day giveaway

Dettol giveaway

Today is Global Handwashing Day so I thought what better a time than to talk about some Dettol products I got to try recently, and also give you the chance to win some for yourself!

In my household I always prefer natural cleaning products where possible but there are a few exceptions where I like the strength of a good antibacterial cleaner - kitchen bench tops after cooking meat, and nappy (diaper) change time.

I have very sensitive hands and I am prone to contact dermatitis, so I have to be very careful about the hand wash/hand sanitising products I choose. I found the Dettol Sensitive Antibacterial Handwashing to be soothing yet effective. I used it after changing nappies and also to wipe down miss 2's change mat.

I've never used kitchen wipes before and I was pleasantly surprised how practical they are - perfect for wiping up those spills when handling or chopping raw meat. The packet says they are fantastic for cutting through grease so I gave my oven top a quick wipe over and it came up beautifully.

I have really enjoyed trying the Dettol products, but what has impressed me just as much as the products is the Mission for Health initiative that Dettol is running at the moment. If you click on the following links you can head over to their website where you will find some fantastic tips for healthy happy homes, as well as Mission for Health's Save the Children Project where you can donate to help save the lives of children in Indonesia that are at risk of dying from diarrhoea partly due to poor hand washing practices. I donated! A little bit goes a long way for children in disadvantaged areas.

Thanks for your fantastic initiative Dettol, and thanks for letting me try your fantastic products!

If you would like the chance to win these two products for yourself then enter below:

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