Oct 1, 2013

Beach Activities: Boogie Boarding

beach activities boogie boarding

Check out this girl. She is determined to have fun in life. She also has perseverance and determination that I completely admire. If she doesn't get it first time, she keeps her cool and keeps at it until she does. On the weekend she caught her very first waves. Perhaps we have a little surfer babe on our hands?

Getting some children's body boards is a great way to keep the children active at the beach.  Choose a child friendly area at a local protected beach making sure they are constantly supervised.  We choose protected areas like local rock pools or smaller beaches without big surf so that they can get comfortable learning to ride the little ripples until they are strong enough swimmers to venture into real waves. With a little push from mum or dad onto the ripples, it can be a whole lot of fun - even for the youngest of toddlers.  (It actually ends up being a great work out for mum or dad too!)

Next time you head down the beach grab a couple of boogie boards - you can pick up cheap children's ones at your local bargain store.  If they have a strong arm rope attached they also work perfectly as a skim board - as long as mum or dad are up to running up and down the beach towing the kids behind that is!