Oct 31, 2013

best laid exercise plans

active life
As a mother, no matter how good our plans are, no matter how organised we are, it can still be very difficult to find the time to look after ourselves and our fitness. Take yesterday for example, it was the first day in weeks that I have actually been up to exercising (thanks to another bout of the flu). Feeling good , I powered through our morning routine, dressed for the gym and was getting ready to walk out the door with the munchkins when I noticed that Miss 2 was looking increasingly unwell. Within the next half an hour it became obvious that she wasn't up to playing at the gym crèche, so I canned the idea and decided to try and squeeze a quick evening run in after hubby got home. By mid-afternoon though, I had not one, but two children with very high temperatures. My back up plan of an evening run was becoming a pipe dream.
Instead of getting frustrated though, I have learned to laugh at the irony of these situations, and be incredibly thankful for this season of life. This season of mothering very young children, it really is quite fleeting when you look at the big picture. My munchkins are only little for such a short period of time. I am only going to be able to scoop them up and bundle them on my lap for cuddles for a lightening quick few years, before they will simply be too big, and just not interested anymore. Quiet cuddles, happy cuddles, tired cuddles, sick cuddles, they are all incredibly special and I am determined to make the most of them. Even if it means I put off my one gym visit until next week, even if it means my New Year's goal of running a 10km race this year is beginning to look unlikely as I'm running out of prep time. Gyms, goals and races will always be there, but this season of caring for my little people, while they are still little, will not. I am determined to make the most of it, and enjoy every single part, even if it means my own plans are temporarily put on the back burner.
Sometimes as a mother, plans aren't easy and we just have to plan to improvise. So today, once again, I dressed in my workout gear, not really expecting to find a moment to squeeze in some exercises or a run, but if the opportunity arises, well, at least I'm dressed for it...