Sep 14, 2013

Ready To Roll Pregnancy Pillow

As mother's we can all remember those pregnant sleepless nights trying to get comfortable with a growing belly.  I clearly remember trying to get comfortable with a 'pregnancy' body pillow, only to find that it didn't support my belly just as I'd like or it forced me to lay on one side all night.  I remember in the end I gave up my 'body pillow' to Hubby who made better use of it than I was able to.  When I found out that a friend of mine has been making her own range of pregnancy pillows, I was really excited to find out more about them.  Alison started making her 'Ready 2 Roll Pregnancy Pillows' out of her own frustrations with poor sleep in pregnancy. As a mother of five children, she and has had (just a little bit of) experience with being pregnant and what it takes to be comfortable and get a good night sleep when pregnant.

Not only does Alison make these fantastic pillows, but she is a wonderful person to talk to and is always full of fantastic advice.  I asked Alison to join me on the blog and share a little bit about herself and her business..

So Alison, tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Alison Johns. I love making things. I sew, knit, crochet and make jewelery whenever I get spare time (not very often these days). My dream is to have all women know the name of Ready2Roll pregnancy pillow like everyone knows the name of Johnson and Johnson.

And your family? 

I have been married to my husband for nearly 20 years. We have five children aged between 14 and 3. I have worked casually as a high school maths and science teacher since the birth of my first child.

Describe motherhood..

I find being a parent hard work. As a friend of mine says, "If you aren't finding it hard, you aren't trying hard enough.' Other times, I love being a parent. The biggest warm fuzzy feelings come when I see the kids loving each other. 

I hear you have some fantastic book recommendations for all the mothers out there reading this blog?

I have two books I would like to share with you that really touched my heart and grew me immensely as a mother and wife. The first book is "How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk' by Adelle Faber and Elain Mazlish. I was given this book just before my eldest daughter was diagnosed with cancer when she was six years old. The skills I learnt from this book were invaluable through that difficult time and I have read the book several more times when I have felt really discouraged as a parent. Reading it renews me to keep on trying. This book taught me to listen. It gives you lots of role plays and asks you to think how you would feel in different situations. I realised that I was a terrible listener and what made me a terrible listener and then I learnt how to change that. The book also gave me ideas as to how to get my kids to do the jobs that I need them to do even when they don't want to. Simple things like writing a note, saying it with a word as a reminder and giving information like 'Leaving a wet towel on the bed will make the bed wet too.' The book also went through what not to do. Things like name calling, moralising e.g. 'Was that a nice thing to do?' and sarcasm. The method of teaching through role playing showed me that I was treating my children in a way that I wouldn't want to be treated myself. There was also an excellent section on problem solving. If you have children that fight with each other a lot then I strongly recommend this book to you.

The second book is 'The Five Love Languages' by Gary Chapman. This book helped me understand why my husband got so angry me with me when I would want to do the washing up while he was trying to talk to me and why I didn't really like being bought flowers. My husband's primary love language is quality time. My primary love language is acts of service. The book outlines three other love languages. They are physical touch, words of praise (or affirmation) and gifts. My husband feels loved by me when I spend time with him. I feel loved when he does one of my jobs. Before reading this book, I would try to show my love for my husband by doing something for him and then I got angry when he didn't appreciate it. The book showed me that I was not speaking my husband's love language. I needed to sit with him and actively listen to him for him to feel loved. My husband stopped buying me presents because that is not the way I feel loved. Instead, he would do the washing up or sweep the floor and I would feel very special to him. The principals of the five love languages can also be applied to children and Gary Chapman has written several version of the concept applied to children, teenagers and marriages. My children have different love languages and so I try to show them love in a way that counts for each of them. One needs cuddles, another needs me to listen to them and another needs gifts. 

I highly recommend these books. They revolutionised the way I showed love to those I cared about and helped me understand them so much more.

Tell us a little bit about your business..

In Jan 2011 I started my own business. I find it really scary and heaps of fun at the same time. When I was pregnant with number four I invented a double sided pregnancy pillow. When my midwife suggested I should sell it I developed it further in my fifth pregnancy. I have called it the Ready2Roll Pregnancy Pillow. Two pillows means that you do not have to reposition a pillow every time you roll over. Because you lie on the flat middle section, it can't fall off the bed. The middle section is adjustable so that you can get the distance between the pillows perfect for you. The pillows are available in four colours for $79.95 from .  If you order now you can take advantage of Alison's spring sale and save $20.

Thanks so much to Alison for sharing with us today.  If you are interested in learning more about her pregnancy pillows then you can visit her website here.  

Note:  I was in no way compensated for this post, Alison is just a wonderful person and it's my pleasure to introduce you to her.