Sep 26, 2013

how to make a quilt or duvet cover

How to make a quilt duvet cover

Miss 2 recently made the transition out of a toddler bed and into a 'big girl bed'. When she was born I made her the quilt (pictured at the bottom of her bed), a matching mobile, some crib bumpers and some bunting to decorate her room. Her room colours are dusty pink, chocolate brown, and the theme is butterflies. Here is what her nursery looked like:

Pink and brown nursery design

I have continued the theme as she has grown, and as she was transitioning into a single bed I searched and searched (with little success) for a bedding set that would match her quilt and her room. So I decided to make one. I hopped onto Google and did a quick 'how to make your own quilt cover' search and came across this site suggesting making a quilt cover out of flat sheets. I priced it and it was actually cheaper to buy two white flat sheets and a matching pillowcase than it was to buy the raw material to make it from scratch.

So this is how I made a very easy duvet cover, I hope it's easy enough to follow - I am not particularly good at following instructions, (or writing them):

Step 1: Buy your sheets. Ideally you need to go one size bigger than your bed, but if you have a high bed, or if you want your bedding to reach the floor, you might want to go larger. I decided to buy double bed sheets, king single would have been the next size up and therefore ideal, but I couldn't find matching ones in white so I had to use double bed ones.

Step 2: Wash and dry sheets (to prevent any shrinkage later)

Step 3: Measure your sheets and make sure they are exact (even though they were the same brand, mine differed slightly in length). Then measure the sheets against your bed and mark with a pin where you need to cut one side and the top (allowing for at least a 2cm hem). Note, if you don't want to overlock or zigzag stitch then leave a much larger hem.

Step 4: Lay your sheets flat, (so the two top sides are touching on the inside as you will need to pull them through - back the right way - after you have sewn) . I also decided to turn my sheets upside down so the decorative trim end (usually up near the pillow slip) would be at the base of the bed, and made a good place for attaching the velcro on the inside. Cut your sheets (making sure you have allowed for your hem), and pin along the line you will sew.

Step 5: Sew across the top first, then down the two sides. Leaving the bottom open.

Step 6: After sewing, reach in and turn your cover inside out (so it ends up back the right way again).

Step 7: Attach clasps of your choice to the inside of the bottom end of the cover. I used stick-on Velcro which I reinforced with a few stitches. You could also use buttons or press-studs.

Optional Step 7: I then appliquéd some butterflies onto the cover and the pillowslip. Here is my quick how to appliqué tutorial from way back.

Butterly appliqué
The final product..

I couldn't believe how quick and easy it was to make, and Miss 2 loves it!

Happy Thursday friends! x

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