Aug 6, 2013

Beach Fun

active life

We headed out to a local beach this weekend for some biking fun and sand between our toes. Were blessed with some absolutely glorious winter weather. It has been way too long since we've been to the beach (considering how close we live). Both the kids and I thoroughly enjoyed having sand between our toes again. Hubs and I let the munchkins ride their bike & scooter up and down the path and ramps for a while (you might think it's funny that Miss 2 is wearing a helmet on such a small bike, but don't be fooled -  my girl can pick up some serious speed on those ramps).  We then we ran around in the sand, making sandcastles, letting the waves chase us and playing chasings with one another. I always find the beach so soothing. So healing.  And it's always nice to be able to just play with my munchkins without any distractions.