Jul 30, 2013

Skin Care Routine and Motherhood

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Since becoming a mother, one area I really struggle to find the time for is my beauty and skincare regime.  Before becoming a mother, I looked after my skin really well.  I loved beauty products so much that I even became a Nutrimetics consultant and did some skin care and beauty courses through Nutrimetics.  I cleansed, toned and moisturised my skin morning and night, exfoliated, used masks regularly and used good quality skincare products.

Priorities change though when you have babies or busy toddlers running around.  Skin care slid down my priority list.  I still used a cleanser - but I often just bought supermarket brands, whatever seemed easy at the time.  I started to skip the toning ('cause who's got time for that really?), and when my skin became oily, I didn't bother moisturising either.   The results haven't been pretty.  My skin has been all over the place the last few years.  Oily, breakouts, acne, dark circles, lines.  I wasn't liking what I was seeing in the mirror.  In turn this affected me on more than just a physical level.  My self-esteem was suffering.  It wasn't just that I felt that I wasn't looking good, but I felt that I was actually neglecting myself.  I felt as if I was unconsciously sending myself the message that I wasn't important anymore.

As women, when we feel good, when we feel like we are looking after ourselves, everything is better.  Our self-esteem is higher, we are happier, we are more fun to be around and in turn we are better mothers and wives.  I wanted to feel good again.  I wanted to feel important.  I wanted to feel beautiful.  So I recently made a decision to make sure I invest the time into indulging myself a little.  I would allow myself to use nice products (and take the time to buy nice products).  I had to find the time to give myself a manicure.    After all, I want to be sending the message to my daughter that not only it is okay, but it is important to look after yourself.  She is watching me.

With perfect timing Claire from Look Fantastic contacted me and offered me to try the very indulgent Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm.  My favourite thing about this cleanser is that it smells absolutely gorgeous.  As soon as I opened it,  the smell filled my bathroom and I instantly felt like I was in a gorgeous spa about to be treated to a facial.  It is definitely indulgent.

After spending some time checking out Look Fantastic, I just can't go without mentioning that they have FREE worldwide delivery!  Pretty impressive, especially for a busy mama who can't always find the time to shop for beauty products in the flesh. 

Spending a little extra time on my beauty routine has made a huge difference in the way I feel about myself.  Not feeling neglected does wonderful things to your mood.  I really encourage all of you mamas out there to indulge yourself and take the time you need for your beauty routine.  You are worth taking care of.

Top Image by Ambro courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net


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