Jul 28, 2013

Life Simplified Tip Of The Day: 'Unsubscribe'

1.  Unsubscribe from any email newsletters or lists that you don't regularly read.  

Even if you have good intentions of reading them but you just don't get the time, then you don't really need them.  They are simply cluttering up your inbox and your life.  Unsubscribe now! 

This post belongs to the series Life Simplified.


  1. Hi!
    Stopping by to say hi and to let you know that I am a new follower via "Mom's Monday Mingle".
    Looking forward to reading your blog :)
    Bismah @

  2. Thank you Bismah! Heading over to visit you now x

  3. Totally been doing this lately. And have also gotten over saying, 'no' when the checker at a retail store asks for my e-mail. :)

    XOXO/Lena @ RootandBlossom


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