Jul 4, 2013

Making a Fitness Comeback

Sometimes illness or injury strikes and we are forced to give up our exercise routine for a while. If your anything like me, these times can be really difficult. Not only is it frustrating knowing that you might lose some of the gains you have made and you may have to start over, but you also lose those added endorphins that exercise gives you. Without exercise I can spiral quite quickly, even feeling quite depressed within just a few weeks, it's honestly amazing what a difference exercise can make to your mood.

Once you are able to return to exercise program, sometimes it can be hard to get motivated and get back into a good routine. Below are some tips to help you survive the down-time and get moving quickly:


During your injury or rest:

1. Stay as active as possible. Any activity will help your mood, even if its simply walking or doing some yoga.

2. Watch your diet during these times, you won't need as many kilojoules without the regular exercise. Healthy, whole nutritious foods will also help you heal quicker.

When you get the okay to return to exercise:

3. Rewrite your exercise schedule and make any modifications due to circumstances that may have changed.

4. Be kind to yourself, ease back in if need be. Don't expect to pick up where you left off, but don't be too disheartened, you'll probably find you are back where you left off before you know it - if you've only had a short break you'll get back to where you were very quickly.

5. Sometimes the hardest part in starting over is just beginning. A wise friend of mine said it very well recently - even when she absolutely doesn't feel like going, she gets dressed and walks out the door. No matter how tired or unmotivated she felt before she began, she has never regretted a workout! 

Maybe it's time to put on that workout gear and make your own comeback!

Image courtesy: Mapichai/freedigitalphotos.net 

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