May 21, 2013

Boosting Your Children's Immunity With Fresh Juice

Our household has had a lot of sickness in the last two months, cold and flu viruses have plagued us.  It has got me analysing our diet to see what nutrients we might be missing out on that will help boost our immunity.  On a whole our diet is pretty good, but my kids won't eat citrus (which is a shame considering we have the most amazing mandarins and oranges growing in our garden).
Oranges and mandarins are full of Vitamin C, which is believed to help increase immunity and reduce the severity of colds.

I decided the only way I was going to get these munchkins to eat our delicious homegrown fruit, was to juice it.  I always find that getting the kids to help in the preparation/cooking process gets them interested and more open to trying whatever dish it is that we are making.

Turns out our homegrown mandarin juice was a huge hit.  HJ even requested we add an apple to the second batch.   I can't wait to try adding some more fruit and veges for them!

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