May 16, 2013

Active Winter Wear

Active Winter Wear
Above items available here

We've had a lovely extended summer here this year, but over the last week or two the seasons have begun to change.  As the weather turns colder, it is often much more appealing to curl up under a blanket on the couch rather than brave the cold conditions outside to exercise.

 Having the right clothing can be an important part of staying motivated during the colder months, and having breathable layers is very important.  I always like to exercise in a breathable long sleeve top with a warm lightweight jumper that can be comfortably tied around my waist if need be.   Heavy sweaters and trackpants will keep you warm in the beginning, but as you heat up they aren't easily removed and are bulky or heavy to carry.  Leggings are always best for lightweight warmth and comfort.

Above leggings available here

My best advice is to pack the old tracksuits away and invest in some good quality active wear.   If you feel warm and comfortable your winter exercise session will be enjoyable despite the cold conditions.  Sports and specialty stores often have the best range and the best quality, but if you are after a bargain then Big W's active wear range is also stylish and affordable on any budget.

Get dressed and get moving!



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