Mar 27, 2013

Birthday Fun.

Yesterday was my birthday! 
I had a beautiful afternoon down at a local park on the waterfront, doing my favourite thing - spending time with my wonderful family.
Fish & Chips for dinner, pink champagne to sip on.
Best way to spend my birthday.
And remember my post on Saturday about why I love sunrises & sunsets?
Well.. I felt amazingly blessed to get to watch this sunset for my birthday.  Wow.

For an early birthday get together,  we caught up with some of the extended family on Sunday.  I love this random snapshot of us all together, unaware of the photo being taken:

Hope you are all having a great week x


  1. Happy Birthday to you!!! Looks like a wonderful and a perfect sunset!

  2. I just got to this one, so I know I'm late, but happy birthday friend!


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