Feb 14, 2013

The Hubs + Me

 As promised, I'm doing a few posts 'about me' so that you can all get to know me a little better! i thought what better day than Valentines day to introduce you to my gorgeous hubby Olly.

But.. before I start.. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all my wonderful readers! Sending you love and hugs and wishing you a very special day!

So Olly..

He got my attention when he stood up for me, in front of his friends.

I love his honesty, his loyalty. He is brutally honest like nobody I've ever met. I totally admire this in him, even if it is a little hard to take sometimes. 

We share our love for surfing, snowboarding, soccer (and of course, our munchkins!)

He proposed on the top of a mountain, on a blue sky powder day in Big White, Canada

I admire
- that he is always completely true to himself.  He doesn't even slightly care what anyone else thinks, he is true to himself...
- that he always sees the best in people, the best in situations.  I struggle with this and he does it so effortlessly.

I am thankful for what an amazing help he is to me in day to day life.  Up until recently my darling chooky had her 'witching hour' right on dinner time every day (her witching hour was always pretty extreme, probably due to her reflux) which made it pretty impossible for me to cook.  Hubs came home from work and cooked dinner for us every day.  He is still happy to take over the cooking if I am busy with the kids.

He makes me laugh, 

He is a rock boulder that rolls steadily along through life, this appeals to my passionate, emotional side.  I am constantly changing, feeling, thinking.  He is unchanging, steady & I feel safe with him.

He is the definition of low-maintenance.  I love to spoil him, but with very young children he has really taken a back seat the last few years.  He has never once complained, never once got grumpy or asked for more attention.  He is patient and knows we will gradually have more time for each other.

Thank you babe for being an amazing husband, an amazing partner and a wonderful best friend. I love you.

Happy Valentines Day x