Feb 18, 2013

Motivation Doesn't Always Equal Ability

Last Saturday I had planned to go for a run.   I had been feeling good on my previous runs and was gradually increasing my distance while still improving my time per km.  So I set out totally motivated and keen for a good run, but from the minute I left the house I struggled.  Limbs heavy, puffing hard.  Nothing felt good, I couldn't push through it and I had to call it quits early. 
Then during the week I had planned to go again one afternoon when my hubby got home from work.  The kids and I had a busy day though and I was exhausted, I was hungry and I didn't feel like going at all.  I managed to talk myself into just putting my gear on and at least trying.  
As soon as I started running it felt great, despite how I had been feeling before I left.  My body could move even though my mind hadn't felt like it.  I ran my best time yet over 5km (and even included some hills for the first time).

The point of sharing this is to encourage you.  Sometimes our mind isn't in tune with our body.  Sometimes our motivation doesn't always equal our ability.  Just because you don't feel up to it, doesn't mean that once you get moving, you won't have a great work out.

You never know until you try.