Feb 25, 2013

A Cruise

Dress:  Bluejuice
Clutch:  Strandbags
Fave Accessory:  My gorgeous hubby ;)

Every year my hubby's friends host an awards night to remember and reward each other for the funny/silly things they have done throughout the year.  The night has become so big that this year they hired a cruise boat and we cruised around the harbour for the party. 
Hubby and I don't often spend an evening out - we are total homebodies, but it was great to get out.  I haven't danced like that in years!

And if you want a little giggle.. here are some of the younger guys on the cruise doing their own version of "One Direction".  Its not the best quality video but you might just get a laugh anyhow.. I know we did!

Finally.. to top off our weekend
 Breakfast was here and it was amazing:

I would have snapped my own picture of the view but it would have involved me awkwardly leaning over another table who were in the middle of eating breakfast.  I am usually not afraid to get stuck in an awkward photo-taking position, but I had to draw the line there..

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  1. You two look so great!

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  2. Love that dress! What a pretty color!


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